Norwegian Quilters’ Guild

The Norwegian Quilt Association (Norsk Quilteforbund - NQF) was founded in 1988. We currently have approx. 1900 members, including some living abroad.

We organize an Annual meeting in March/April every year. The meeting is located different places in Norway from year to year. During this event we offer classes, lectures, exhibitions and a big selection of quilt shops for our members. A juried competition is announced every year. Prices are awarded in four categories: Traditional, Open Class, smal quilts or group in open or traditional. You can see photos of all entries here and of the winning quilts here.

Our members make and donate quilts to hospitalized children, suffering from long-term illnesses. Our members are excited about this project and have made more than 2.000 quilts for this purpose. We are also involved in the registration and documentation of old Norwegian quilts. A book called “Gamle tekstiler” (Old Textiles) was published 2002, written by Joan Foster, but the registration project continues.

Our magazine,”Norsk Quilteblad” (Norwegian Quilt Magazine), is published quarterly. We receive articles from all over the country as well as from the international quilting community. We also try to have patterns in every issue, and both traditional quilts and contemporary quilts are presented.

NQF is a member of the European Quilt Association.

Sisel Byberg